A video commissioned by the organization Texans Care for Children to highlight the policy work being done on behalf of the mental wellbeing of mothers and families in Texas. The video focused on Louise Liebeskind, a mother who shares her experience with postpartum depression and the subsequent advocacy work she participated in alongside Texans Care. The video was used by the organization during their annual luncheon and for online fundraising efforts.



A video commissioned by Texans Care for Children to help illustrate the work they do on behalf of Texas children. Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) services is a statewide program that helps children 0-3 with developmental disabilities. When the state decided to cut funds to ECI, Texans Care for Children published a report to shed a light on how the cuts negatively affect children who need these extra supports to learn how to crawl, eat, and walk on their own. The video focuses on Zoe who received services from ECI therapists that made a tremendous impact on her life.